About Us

We are an artist duo, Autumn Chiu and Adam Slater, outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
✹ Autumn Chiu:
I've been painting since I was a child. I've always been inspired by people, nature, and colors which has translated well into my watercolor works. As a self proclaimed sketchbookist, I have filled dozens of books with my works. You can find them here: @artchiu on Instagram and Patreon. I have been so thoroughly passionate about art my entire life, so binding my own sketchbooks started as a natural hobby.
I started Sketchbook Co. in 2017, even though I have been binding books for much longer. My love for all things old seamlessly meshed with my intense admiration of sketchbooks - thus creating my first vintage covered art journal!
Five years later, I've been able to make a living from my work as a book binder and artist!
★ Adam Slater:
I went to school for Information Science and have been working in the field for about 5 years.  There was a point I hit where I realized I was pretty unhappy with what I was doing and needed a change.  Thanks to all the hard work Autumn has put into this business and everyone out there who has supported this venture, I now have the opportunity to be a larger part of this and be creative on a daily basis.  I'm even attempting to learn how to draw/paint at 27, something I never imagined I'd be able to do.  I'm excited for the future!
The personal touch of handmade supplies in our own practice is what drives us to create the most magical products for all artists. The community we have been able to create here and on Instagram has truly made our work so rewarding - something a young Autumn, painting in her hand bound sketchbook, could have never imagined!