Next Shop Update with Onion Skin Sketchbooks: Sunday 9/19 at 3 PM ET!
Next Shop Update with Onion Skin Sketchbooks: Sunday 9/19 at 3 PM ET!
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Custom Order Event FAQ

Last chance of 2021 to get a custom sketchbook from us!


Here's a little information about the Custom Order Extravaganza Event coming on Sunday 9/5 at 3 PM ET!


What is it?

It's an event where we take unlimited custom orders. This started as a way to help those of you who miss our updates, but has quickly grown to supply anyone at all who wants something custom!


How does it work?

We will have multiple listings with a ton of different cover options. You can choose your cover, whatever paper you want, and the type of closure.

If you don't see a cover that you like, you can order one online (from the many online vintage book sellers on Etsy or Ebay) and send it to us to convert. This is also true if you have a book in your collection that you wish to be converted.

IMPORTANT! Not everything can be converted. It is imperative that you talk to us first/show us the book so we can approve it.



The listings will go live Sunday 9/5 at 3 PM ET! You have one week to order something - the listings will close on 9/12. At that time, we will then order the necessary materials and get working on your books. 


When will they ship?

We will be creating the sketchbooks in batch! Less complicated orders and early orders will be started first. If you choose special paper or have any special requests, yours will be in a later batch. We anticipate hundreds of orders. As we are just two people doing every single process by hand, it will take some time! We are hoping to have everyone’s done by 10/1, it may take til the very end of October! Please keep this in mind if you are ordering for a specific occasion! 


I need my sketchbook early, what should I do?

If you want/need your book early, you should pick from our in-house options (listed below) and order as early as possible.  If you want very specific paper, it will take longer as we have to specially order it. 

We can't guarantee arrival/shipping dates. If you want to gift a custom book as a gift, please be aware that it may not arrive in time. If this is the case, let me know and I can come up with a printable card you can send them instead that says their gift is in the works!


What options are there?

Options we have on hand:


  • Fabriano Studio 140lb Cold Press (textured) Watercolor 
  • Fabriano Studio 140lb Hot Press (smooth) Watercolor
  • Strathmore 400 Series Drawing
  • If you want any other paper, we can probably do it! It just has to come in the appropriate size. Remember, the cost of any other paper than the two listed above is additional. For example, if you wanted Arches Cold Pressed Watercolor paper in a book that required two 9x12 packs, $28.86 ($14.43 as of time I'm writing this post) will be added to your final total. So for an average sized book, that would be $68.86.
    • We calculate this on a case to case basis so you are not paying for more than your book needs. With that said, if there is any scrap - no matter how small - you will receive it back!
    • If you want to choose a paper we don’t have on hand, you will select “custom paper” as the paper option. You’ll then need to email us and let us know what you want! From there we will give you a quote and an invoice covering the paper to pay. 


  • Faux Suede Cord (our usual!)
  • Elastic
  • Recycled Sari Silk
  • None - just a heads up: If you pick no closure, your book may not close completely flat depending on the paper you choose. Fabriano Studio paper is thick and needs a little help staying closed!

We will choose a color that looks best with your cover choice. With that said, if you have preferences, let us know in an email! We will do our best to accommodate!


  • We will have hundreds to choose from. We will show pictures of some/all of them on Instagram on 9/4. 
  • As stated above, if you don't like the covers available, you can send us a book to convert. Please just email us first!


  • Spiral Bound
  • Kettle Stitch (our usual!)

We do not do Coptic or French Link binding during these events because those stitches take even longer than the usual binding!



$35-60 depending on size/options. If you want a specific paper, the cost of the paper will be added to the final cost. 

How will the listings work?

  • The listings of covers will be split into different categories: Travel Sized, Cool Tone Average Sized, Warm Tone Average Sized, Spiral Only, and Large/Extra Large.
    • Each listing will show the front of the books in photos. They will each be numbered.
  • In the description of each listing, it will show the corresponding number from the photo, the title of the book, and the dimensions.
  • Once you select the book you want from the drop down menu, you have three other drop downs to choose from: paper type, closure type, and binding type. 
  • Check out like normal!

IMPORTANT! If you want a different type of paper, you MUST email us about it. If you are worried the cover you want will sell out before you can talk to us, go ahead and purchase the listing with the paper selection being "Custom - Email Us!"

If you want to send us a book, you can choose the cover option "Custom - Email Us - Send Us a Book to Convert!" But you MUST email us BEFORE purchasing. As stated above, not every book can be converted!


Other info:

We are not able to refund or exchange custom orders once we have started making them. So please make your purchase decisions carefully. 

If you make a mistake while checking out - for example, picked the wrong paper, put in the wrong shipping address, etc. - please EMAIL us as soon as possible. If you don't notify us about an incorrect option promptly - paper, closure, binding - we may have already started the binding process. This means we can't change it!

Please be aware that everything is made by the two of us by hand. Handmade things take time! This goes with answering email as well. We try our best to answer questions immediately, but we anticipate a lot of emails at the start of the event. Please be patient with us!


If you have any other questions, please check out the FAQ page! If your question isn't answered there - shoot us an email. We are always happy to help!