Next Shop Update with Onion Skin Sketchbooks: Sunday 9/19 at 3 PM ET!
Next Shop Update with Onion Skin Sketchbooks: Sunday 9/19 at 3 PM ET!
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Seaborne Palette | PREORDER
Seaborne Palette | PREORDER
Handmade Watercolors

Seaborne Palette | PREORDER

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This is a PRE ORDER! This means that the paint will take 2-4 weeks to ship as it's in it's final curing stages. Do NOT purchase this if you are in a hurry to get it. There is a very limited quantity to this preorder! 

If you order with non-preorder items, your order will be held until the paints are ready! If you check out in multiple orders (preorder palette in one, ready to ship sketchbooks in another), we will ship your ready to ship items immediately and your palette once it is ready in a few weeks.

The set of 3 hand designed, hand mulled, and hand poured (in three to five layers!) colors are:

  • Seaside Lichen (PG17, PW6)
  • Windswept (PG36, PY3, PB15, PW6)
  • Tidal Wave (PB15, PW6, PBk8)

Poured into half pans.

These are highly pigmented colors that are easy to rewet. Although the paints work perfectly, there may be some cosmetic inconsistencies like tiny air bubbles or bumpy tops. 

They will come wrapped in a single paper wrapper instead of with the loads of packaging we used to use. This is to cut down on waste!

Safety and Directions:

  • Never consume the paint or anything that has touched the paint. Wash your hands after use.
  • Paint should easily rewet as soon as you want to use it, but if your paint is being stubborn, add a drop or two of water a minute before using. This allows the binder to loosen up and flow easier!